This list provides a list of active builders and tuners in the U.S. that are established entities. NSSBE does not provide official endorsements for any given builder and/or tuner.


          This resource lists steel band sheet music publishers.


          This resource was compiled by Mike Wendeln and is a searchable .pdf file.


          This is a list of companies that sell steelpan mallets. In addition, large percussion retailers such as Steve Weiss Music and Lone Star Percussion also carry them. Builders also typically offer mallets as well but are not duplicated on this list.


          This list is a partial list of options at this point. We anticipate adding to this resource going forward.


          This resource lists possible steel band camps/festivals and links to their website. Please check the calendar page for specifics for any given year.


          This group was designed to facilitate conversations amongst steel band educators. We encourage constructive dialogue towards bettering ourselves as educators. You need to request to join and an administrator will review your request to ensure that you are involved with the steelpan art-form.


          This directory is still very much in the early stages and will be added to and edited regularly. If you know of groups that should be on this list that are not listed, please click here and submit them for review.


          This directory has been compiled over the last six years. If you know of groups that should be on this list that are not listed, please click here and submit them for review.


          Keith Lienert completed this as part of his doctoral studies. The database allows for searching solo steelpan works through various data fields including instrument type and difficulty level, among others.


          This index has been compiled over a long period of time and is fairly comprehensive. Links are provided for material that is publicly available. Works that are not available publicly can be acquired through interlibrary loan at your university or local library. This list is updated as new items are authored.


          This resource lists books (alphabetically, by author last name) in two separate categories: educational and historical.


          This link lists books that address various musical styles for both drum set and auxiliary percussion.


          This resource provides fundamental resources for improvisation.